They are Willing to Work

Posted by Robert on June 28, 2016 under Marketing | Comments are off for this article

When I am looking for someone who I can bring on as my staff for an event or to help me out with my business, there are a number of things that I look for in those that I hire. One of the things that I need to find in those that I choose to hire is a willingness to work. Those that I am paying must be willing to put in the hours that I need from them. When I am looking for hostesses London, I will most often hire those who are going to work hard over those who have more training or a better education. I will help those who are willing to work and I will make sure that they know what they need to do. I will do anything as long as someone will work hard for me.

Always Watch Your Kids During Projects

Posted by Robert on June 27, 2016 under Sports | Comments are off for this article

I’ve been doing some renovations around my home, mainly upgrading the back porch area. While I’ve been engaging in this multi-weekend project, I’ve also been bringing my son along in order to spark an interest in being handy. This arrangement has worked out fine for the most of the time, however, there was one time where decided to show some initiative and prove to his daddy just how good a helper he could be.

James is only about 8 years old and not really able to manipulate the heavier gear I’ve been using. Imagine my surprise when my attention is drawn to a phone call with my wife, only to catch James tearing open a heavy bag of silica sand and letting it just spill out across the yard. While a small amount wound up where I was planning on placing it, the lion’s share of the sand was wasted.