Tourism in India: Why Visit India?

A variety of cultures exist in India, and most tourists who visit the country remark on the countries beauty and spirituality. The country relies on tourism to bring in money and provide employment opportunities for citizens. India is projected to have extensive growth in tourism over the next 10 years. Its history, religion, geography, and sports all make it a hot spot for both local and international tourists. There are a number of reasons people like to visit India, and most people seem to have a definitive goal in mind about

India's History

Many people visit India because of its history. There are a number of temples and palaces that are thousands of years old and showcase the different styles of Indian architecture. Mughal architecture is a popular type of architecture seen on the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri, and it draws tourists from all over the world to view the old palaces and temples designed in the style of Mughal.

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Dhakineshwar Kali Temple

The religions of India have evolved over the years, with Buddhism being one of the first major religions followed by Hinduism and Islam. Tourists can see temples, palaces, and museums dedicated to the history of the different religions. Some tourists can even visit temples and see the people worshiping and meditating. Gurus offer retreats that allow people to experience the historical aspects of India's religions.

India's Spirituality

Some people like to visit India because it's considered a spiritual country. The Indian people believe in meditating and finding out how the soul, body, mind, and spirit relate to one another. It's possible to go to India and meet with a guru who will give you spiritual counseling. Some tourists visit India for the specific reasons of meditating and trying to figure out exactly what and where they want to be in life. There are even classes and retreats that tourists go on to spend their entire vacation learning how to receive inner healing and awareness.

India's Outdoor Adventures

Anyone looking for an outdoors excursion will love India for its beaches, mountains, deserts, and tribal regions. Backpackers can tour extensively and learn a lot about the country's culture. India is the home to many beautiful animals such as the Bengal tiger and Asiatic elephant, which can sometimes be seen on safaris or backpacking treks. The beaches offer elephant and camel rides, along with scenic views and crystal clear swimming. Some parts of India have taken advantage of the beaches, while other beaches are still rustic and not major tourist attractions.

Tourists can also take advantage of the mountains and enjoy skiing or hiking. Mountain climbing in the Himalayas is a favorite of adventure seekers. Tourists can also try their hand at rafting, kayaking, paragliding, and boat racing. When done with tiring adventures, tourists can find reprieve in a number of beautiful hotels that cater to tourists and their needs. India has become a number one tourist destination because it allows people to experience a completely different culture while still enjoying activities familiar to them.